Guard Jeremy

I am Jeremy and I am the castle guard for Lord Mitch.

Everyday I have to travel to the castle and put on my uniform to get ready for work. I stand around the castle normally and make sure no one goes and disturbs the lord by entering his castle.

Comic Strip

Today I made a comic strip. Look here and you will be able to see it.

From Miss W.: Jeremy I took the link off, because when I tried to get to your comic, it said it couldn’t find the link and then it went to an inappropriate type of search page.  I did though see the comic in class, so you will still be assessed.

Grade 10 Checklist

To pass the grade 10 checklist I need to continue doing what I’m doing. I will probably have to improve some things like researching and putting stuff on my blog like widgets and photos. I am good at blogging and I can write a blog post up well.

I reckon that I will do all tasks on the checklist by grade 10.

Digital Footprint

It is very important for you to have a positive digital footprint. People have been denied a job because the employer has checked their MySpace or Facebook. They might have drunk or bad photos on their website. The employer will not want to hire them because it might put their company in disrepute or give the company a bad reputation.

Things you should do to keep a good digital footprint are things like don’t put bad photos of you or other people on your website, don’t say mean or controversial things about you or someone else on a website. Basically, be nice to nice to people and don’t make yourself look bad. Also if you do something really good on the internet then the employer will think highly of you and will most likely give you the job.

In conclusion it is very, very important to have a good digital footprint.

Simulation games

I played a simulation game in class called Shoe sweatshop. You had to be a poor person working for your family. You had to make 3 shoes a day and buy food and drink. It was very hard and I lost the game quite soon. I did not like this game.

I also played Third world farmer that game was also about being a poor person and you had to run a farm and people did stuff to you to make it harder like disasters and other stuff. This game was hard and unejoyable as well.

I do not think I enjoy simulation games much at all.